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The Cabinet



The firm AUDITEC-FOIRIER CONSULTING is an amalgamation of AUDITEC CONSULTING ACCOUNTING FIRM and LOUIS DANIEL FOIRIER on the 1st of January 2011. Its leaders are former consultants from Ernst & Young. At the head of the firm is Mr. Michel KANGMENI YOSSA General Manager.


A group of professionals of the Audit, Chartered Accountant, Council, and Training that share the same beliefs and ethics. Quality assurance, product of a training policy, exchange and technology watch. A national and international source of true synergy of expertise and sharing of expertise. A strong local involvement that promotes availability and listening, pledge of personal advice and efficiency. Within the framework of projects financed by various donors (World Bank, IDA, European Union, African Development Bank, BIP, IFAD, EDF, BACC, etc ....), AUDITEC-FOIRIER CONSULTING has always supported



AUDITEC-FOIRIER CONSULTING is a limited company (SA) with a capital of 10 million CFA francs. At the national and regional AUDITEC-FOIRIER CONSULTING has 4 associated Chartered Accountants and over 30 staff, divided into several offices, at Douala - the Headquaters and at Yaounde. AUDITEC-FOIRIER CONSULTING SA is involved in all CEMAC countries (Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, CAR, Chad).

Internationally, AUDITEC-FOIRIER Consulting SA is an independent member of BKR International network; BKR International is a worldwide association of independent accounting firms representing the expertise of over 135 members with over 300 offices in 70 countries around the world . AUDITEC-FOIRIER Consulting SA operates according to international standards and is subject to an annual quality control. The partners of member firms meet regularly to share and maintain a high level of international experience. Being a member of BKR International confers many privileges:

  • Extending your jurisdiction ;
  • When proposals for companies to intervene in a given situation, you are privileged among all others;
  • The growth of your portfolio.