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In partnership with the Council Tax named LEGAL AND TAX ADVISOR, AUDITEC FOIRIER Consulting co-organized seminars on the 2019 Finance law to inform its customers about the new measures taken by the Cameroon legislator.

Find below some  seminars already held by AUDITEC-FOIRIER CONSULTING 

  • The training seminar on revised OHADA accounting system 2018 
  • The municipal sector Accounts and budget classification
  • The Implementation of accounting and preparation of financial statements (OHADA) at end of year
  • Approach conversion of accounts OHADA IFRS
  • Financing of development projects
  • Intermunicipal and decentralized cooperation
  • The Manual of accounting procedures
  • The project management by municipalities and public procurement
  • The development of the municipal development plan


To receive our Training catalog 2019, please contact Mr Vincent NGANKAM 



Coming soon !

Training seminar on the Finances Act 2019