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Our activities



We help businesses in:
  • The development of business ties with foreign partners
  • The placement of international experts at local level
  • The implementation of program which improve productivity and quality
  • Training in entrepreneurship, specialized management and training sector
  • The business diagnostic and identification of business opportunities
  • The restructuring and strategic repositioning of companies
  • The implementation of system accounting and financial management
  • The formulation of business plan
  • The facilitation of access to finance
  • Specialized consulting and coaching business



An audit ensures the reliability and relevance of financial reporting. If mishandled, it can be disastrous for the company. Thus the firm AUDITEC FOIRIER Consulting has extensive experience in auditing and a multidisciplinary team enabling companies to be secured.


Expertise comptable

The valuation of businesses and Securities of Companies is one of the skills of the Chartered Accountant. The Accountancy provides design and implementation of tools for the management, dashboards, reporting, budget, business plan and management analysis.